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Welcome to the updated homepage of the award - winning Roman Military Research
Society and its display unit, the Vexillatio Legionis XIIII GMV.

The RMRS is a research and re-enactment group specialising in recreating the Roman Army and Roman life during the latter part of the first century A.D. In particular, we represent a detachment of the Fourteenth Legion, Gemina Martia Victrix, one of the most famous units of the Roman army in Britain.

Consisting of around 40 members, male and female, young and old, the Society presents living history displays of military and civilian life at venues throughout Britain. Members visit schools on a regular basis and we also organise popular adult education courses

Our members come from many parts of Britain although our main base is to be found at the reconstructed Lunt Roman Fort in Coventry where much of our training takes place.

Although the main emphasis is on the Roman military, members are encouraged to pursue their own interests within the Society and our displays consequently cover many aspects of Roman life from religion and medicine to food, engineering and naval warfare.

All armour, clothing , weapons and artillery have been made within the Society after extensive research and are as authentic as we can make them. Drill commands, songs and invocations are in Latin, as are the names of legionaries and civilians, helping to give a real flavour of the past.

Coming from many walks of life we are nevertheless united by our enthusiasm for the Roman world and the Roman army and by our determination to inform, educate and enjoy !!
Why not share the experience - new members are always welcome!

f you require information as to the history, organisation, equipment and lifestyle of the Roman army please visit our military page which should help you find what you need as it contains links to sections on the Republican army, the army of the Principate and the military of the later Empire. . The civilian section includes information on Roman food and cooking, Roman women and lifestyle matters (regularly updated), whilst ‘Fabrica’ has authentically produced weapons, helmets, shields, belts, writing tablets, leatherwork and all kinds of essentials for the well-dressed Roman soldier which are available to purchase.

The ‘schools’ and ‘research’ pages are still under construction and will be available soon, but should you require any further information about the Roman army and Roman life, please do email us.-we’ll do our best to reply!
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About us

About the R.M.R.S.

The R.M.R.S is a research and re-enactment group specialising in the latter part of the 1st century AD. The society presents living history displays of military drill and civilian life at venues all over Britain suivi lettre recommandée. The display team also does film and TV work: recent appearances include Time Team Live; I Caesar ; The Glory that was Rome and Eureka for Channel 4. Our training base is at the Lunt fort, near Coventry. Many members live in the Midlands, but a number come from as far afield as Essex, Cheshire and Scotland. Members are of all ages, male and female, single, couples and families.

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Vexillatio Legionis Geminae

The display team of the RMRS represents a detachment of the Twin Legion, Legio XIIII Gemina Martia Victrix. It demonstrates the drill, tactics, battle formations, armour and equipment of the Roman army in the 1st century at the time of the Emperor Vespasian. Where space permits, displays include archery and the firing of a catapulta and manuballista. Military religious ceremonies are also a regular feature.

Demonstrations can also include figure types and equipment from the early Republic through to the fall of the Empire during the 5th century. We also have a marine with two fully operational model Roman warships. Between displays soldiers talk to members of the public, answering questions, demonstrating equipment and eating authentically cooked Roman rations. Soldiers speak Latin wherever possible and answer to the names of original members of Legio XIIII.

Civilian Life

Civilian members put on displays and demonstrations of various aspects of home life. Like the soldiers, they give information, answer questions and demonstrate the use of some of the various items on display. Living history displays include religion, food and cooking, spinning, weaving, cosmetics, children’s toys, games, writing and mosaics. Many of these provide opportunities for members of the public, particularly children to gain ‘hands on’ experience.


All the clothing, footwear, personal belongings, armour, equipment, and artillery used have been reproduced using authentic materials, after extensive research. For example, an account of the research and reconstruction of one of our pieces of artillery, the manuballista, was reported in the proceedings of the Roman Military Equipment Conference. Using these reconstructed artefacts provides further opportunities for research.

Courses, Talks and Presentations

Besides the full-scale public displays, the society also runs weekend courses on Roman military life and many members give talks and presentations about various aspects of Roman history to schools, colleges, clubs and societies. Should you have any enquiries about these or any of our other activities, do not hesitate to email us on our homepage.


…is run by Len Morgan and Steve Wagstaff, well known on the re-enactor circuit and acclaimed for their high quality, intensively researched and meticulously detailed recreations of historical artefacts.

Naturally, Roman military equipment is a particular speciality and Fabrica can supply a wide selection of armour and weapons including three types of lorica segmentata, military belts, pugiones, a variety of helmets, scuta, pila gladii and artillery pieces - as well as a whole range of non military items.

Their repertoire is not limited to ‘standard’ first century kit, either- Republican Montefortino helmets, Greco-Etruscan body armour and Fourth century AD Burgh Castle helmets are all part of their wide-ranging catalogue.

If your interests lie elsewhere, then military equipment from other periods and cultures - Classical Greece to Norman England - can also be made to your requirements.

Made to original specifications from the most authentic of modern materials Fabrica’s products are in considerable demand from Museums and organisations throughout Britain and abroad and you can be certain that any commission will bring you some of the finest and most accurate reproductions available in Europe today.

Included below are several examples of Len Morgan’s craftsmanship.

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